About Us

Actualise Consulting is a technology consultancy based in Cambridge, UK – Europe’s leading electronics and biotech technology cluster. We specialise in providing technology management, commercialisation and assessment advice and services to high-tech SME’s, technology investors and government agencies. We offer a broad range of high quality, independent services aimed at helping our clients bring high-tech products, technologies and services to market or making sound investment or acquisition decisions. At Actualise Consulting we have a passion for innovation and technology. We’re excited about helping UK companies to innovate and prosper from the successful commercial exploitation of that innovation.


Our Vision is to be the catalyst and facilitator that helps small and large companies bring their technologies to market, using our combined technical backgrounds coupled with our experience in marketing, business development and technology management.

Our status as an independent consultancy allows us to offer completely impartial advice, assessment and research on a wide range of assignments covering technology in many different fields.

Our proven, methodical approaches allow us to deliver successful results in a wide range of scenarios, from very early stage high tech companies to larger, more well-established companies. We aim to make a significant and sustainable difference within our clients’ organisations that will survive and prosper long after our intensive involvement ends.