Technology Consulting

Technology ConsultingEver since the introduction of the transistor around the middle of the 20th century the electronics industry has been a constant source of technology innovation around the world. From the phenomenal rise of the computer, the introduction of the internet and the emergence of cloud computing, to the advances in sensor technology, miniaturisation, wireless communications and battery technology. Technology is transforming the way we live. It’s also transforming the way businesses, communities and even governments operate around the world.

The number and scope of opportunities for technology innovation has never been greater. Actualise Consulting can help you exploit those opportunities with a range of technology consulting and management services designed to help you reduce time to market, increase return on investment and reduce risk

Technology Project/Programme Management

With many years of experience in the management of innovative technology development in companies large and small, the Actualise Consulting team can help you put in place the necessary processes and tools to ensure your technology development projects or programmes are successful. We will help you define the most effective lifecycle for your organisation, identify roles and responsibilities, governance procedures, essential documentation, perform risk assessment and management and define overall monitoring and management processes. If necessary we can also help you manage the project/programme for you on an ongoing basis.

Protection of IPR

Many early-stage high-tech companies have ideas and concepts that may have substantial commercial value if they are exploited successfully. However, they need to disclose these ideas to investors, partners and customers before they can make any money from them! Protecting your intellectual property can be a minefield but it’s very important to think about doing this before disclosing your intellectual property to anyone!

Through our relationships with leading patent and IPR agents we can ensure that your technology gets the protection it deserves at a cost that won’t break the bank

Technology Radar

Actualise Consulting offers a “Technology Radar” service to large companies that recognise the need to constantly source innovation in order to remain competitive. Given a guiding brief aligned with our core areas of expertise, we will use our extensive networks and relationships to broker relationships with companies and organisations with technologies that may be of interest to our clients.

Knowledge Transfer

When developing new products or technology, there is no point in re-inventing the wheel! Small, technology start-ups often miss a trick in bringing their technology to market because they attempt to develop everything from scratch themselves. Sometimes it’s more effective to collaborate with other organisations who have the technology or capability already and are prepared to share it

Actualise Consulting has worked with Universities and research institutes all over the UK helping them to bring their technologies into the commercial marketplace and collaborate with industry partners to develop commercially compelling products and systems. We can help your organisation form an effective collaboration and assist with funding issues, licensing of technology, negotiate ownership and plan for commercialisation